Most of the time when you’re looking at a new roof replacement, you’re going to be choosing between two options. One being the 3-tab shingle and the other being an architectural roof. What’s the difference? Great question! 

A 3-Tab Shingle roof is going to be the most basic option to choose from as well as the lowest price. The shingles are known to withstand 60-70 MPH winds. They’re mostly easy to spot by their 3-tab pattern and design on the shingles as they typically lay flatter to the house itself.

An Architectural Roof style is the 3D shingle as it stands out off of the roof itself to the eye. They’re made to withstand 110-130 MPH winds and are known to have a longer life span when it comes to durability. Most home insurance companies also give bigger discounts when you choose to go with an architectural design because of their dependability. It is more costly of the two choices, but it has good reason and can be well worth it down the road as they’re built with premium shingles. 

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