Roof Hail Damage

In light of the recent hailstorm that affected the White Hall/Pine Bluff area, I would like to take a minute to talk about what hail can actually do to your homes’ roof. After a hailstorm, most people immediately think about their cars when worrying about damage. While hail certain causes a fair share of damage to vehicles, many people don’t realize that the roof of their home may have been severely affected as well.

To cause damage, hail doesn’t have to be as large as you’d think. Hail as small as marbles can damage the soft metal vents, the flashings and can also cause granule loss. If hail is quarter size, you may also see damage to your gutters, downspouts and window screens. Once hail reaches golf ball size and up, that’s when you can start to have severe damage to your roof in the form of large dents and even holes in your shingles and decking.

If your roof has recently been exposed to a hailstorm and you think it’s a possibility that it has sustained damage, don’t hesitate to call Thomas Roofing & Restoration for a free inspection. We will evaluate your roof and if damage has occurred we’ll assist you in determining whether or not you’ll need to get insurance involved. Thomas Roofing will even contact your insurance agent on your behalf to file a claim and arrange to meet the adjustor.

Here are some examples we’ve seen of hail damage to a roof:


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