Shingle Replacement | Roof Maintenance | Thomas Roofing & Restoration

Most modern roofing systems are expected to last at least 25 years at a minimum. Unfortunately, many homeowners often find their roof needs to be replaced after a shorter amount of time than they anticipated.

There are several reasons a roof’s life might be cut short, including the more obvious factors, such as being crafted with low quality material or poor installation of the roof. However, a roof made with high quality materials and installed properly can still have problems if it isn’t well maintained over the years.

Regular maintenance can go a long way towards making your roof last as long as its expected to. Simple things like keeping the debris cleaned out of the valleys and around penetrations can prevent issues in the future. Additional maintenance items Thomas Roofing & Restoration recommends includes:

  • Making sure all of the flashings are sealed and firmly fastened
  • Ensuring the roof is properly vented
  • Replacing any loose shingles

By doing these simple checks and repairs before anything becomes a major problem, your roof should last a very long time. Give Thomas Roofing & Restoration a call at 501-804-6934 for all your roof maintenance needs or complete our Contact Form today.