Roof Replacement | Picture showing the overlay method if roof replacement.

When having your roof replaced, there are two installation methods to choose from: the tear-off method and overlay. With the tear-off method, all of the existing shingles on the roof are removed before putting the new ones on. If an overlay is chosen, the existing shingles are left on the roof and the new ones are nailed down over them. While there are pros and cons to both approaches, at Thomas Roofing & Restoration we highly recommend using the tear off method for a variety of reasons.

One of the most important reasons to tear off old shingles before putting new ones down, is that removing the old shingles allows you to inspect the decking and flashings. If there are any repairs needed, you can address the problem before putting on a new roof. By doing a nail over roof install, you’re not viewing the decking and flashings, and potentially covering up an existing problem.

Another benefit of removing your old shingles is that you are removing thousands of pounds of weight from the roof. When doing a nail over, you are literally putting a whole roof on top of your existing one, subsequently adding more stress to your roof and framing. A complete tear off gives your new roof a solid foundation, therefore allowing it to last longer.

In addition to added weight, an overlay roof will also trap more heat than a completely brand new roof. The extra heat can cause the shingles to curl and break down more quickly, shortening the lifespan of the roof. By using the tear-off method your roof will retain less heat and last longer.

It’s true that a tear off roof installation will cost more upfront, but you will see the savings in the long run when you do not constantly have to worry about reroofing your house. Additionally, installing a roof using the tear-off method gives your home a higher resale value. If you need a new roof and want the job done right at a reasonable price give us a call at 501-804-6934 or fill out our Contact form.