Roof Inspection | Things To Look For

If you’re having problems with your roof or think it may have been damaged, it’s important to contact a licensed roofing contractor, like Thomas Roofing & Restoration, in order to have a roof inspection done. There are several things we look for during a roof inspection and many common problems we find that owners were unaware of.

The first thing we do is try to estimate the age of the roof and its remaining service life. To do this we look for dry and cracking shingles as well as check the rubber gaskets around the vent pipes, as these are one of the first things to wear out and one of the most common repairs we perform. We will also check for granule loss and make sure all of the flashings have been installed correctly and are still watertight.

Many homes we inspect have also had room additions that were added after the original roof was installed. During the inspection, Thomas Roofing will make sure that the addition was completed properly and securely tied in to the existing roof.

Another point on the roof we make sure to inspect is the flashings around your fireplace, including the cap, as this is another common repair that we often encounter. Of course we will also check to see if you have had any recent storm damage to your roof that you might not be aware of.

Thomas Roofing & Restoration roof inspections are always very thorough, and these are just some of the things we look for. If you think your roof needs an inspection, give us a call at 501-804-6934 or fill out our Contact Form and take advantage of our free roof inspections now.