roof inspection

With the cold weather setting in and the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to get your roof ready for the winter months. Most homeowners know that they should have their furnace checked and add weather stripping around doors and windows to prepare for winter, but the aspect of the home that gets overlooked frequently is the roof. A well-timed roof inspection may prevent hundreds of dollars in costly maintenance in the winter. 

Most homeowners will not think about having a roof inspection until they have a problem arise. Trust us, the middle of the winter is not the time of year to have a problem with your roof. Now is the time to call Thomas Roofing & Restoration and schedule a roof inspection. For just a few hundred dollars you can have peace of mind this winter and prevent having a costly issue with your roof down the road.

During an inspection, we will do several things to ensure your roof is in the best shape possible. These include:

  • Cleaning out your gutters
  • Checking for debris build up in valleys, behind fireplaces and along walls
  • Checking for loose flashings or missing shingles

Thomas Roofing & Restoration will always give you an honest evaluation of the overall condition of your home’s roof. If you’d like to schedule an inspection of your roof, give us a call at 501-804-6934 or fill out our Contact Us form today.

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